Upcoming Jewellery Trends for 2020 and the New Decade

With the end of this decade and fresh new beginnings of the 2020's Are you ready for a brand-new set of jewellery trends to work into your wardrobe? I can’t stop thinking about the new jewellery pieces that were styled on the runways. Many of them are destined to be huge next year, there will be some major trends that will be impossible to escape. but I can’t stop thinking about the new jewellery pieces that were styled on the runways. Many of them are destined to be huge next year 2020 and beyond but there are some major trends that will be impossible to escape once we hit.

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From the new take on hoop earrings by Versace to the metal, Gucci embraced that is set to be everywhere to the statement necklace trend we saw at Bottega Veneta and Chanel, these are the six biggest spring jewellery trends. Want to be an early adopter? Go on to see and shop our unique pieces to start wearing right now.

In addition to these trends: juxtaposing colour, ultra-large link chains, a bohemian take on antique and vintage jewellery, hoops in every incarnation, modernized pearls, sea and sand inspired jewels and sculptural tribal updates, there were also four more directions which became evident across the Atlantic.

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Just like the trends currently appearing on fashion shows and catwalks, these are themes that have been evolving in the jewellery studios and ateliers. And, you don’t have to wait until 2020 to invest in them. They are out there at different price points and styles to buy and wear right now.

From the runway to the studios, jewellery designers continue to orbit around three dimensional round shapes. Inspired by everything from planetary spheres, magical inspired crystal balls and sparkly Christmas ornaments, these designs take shape in different interpretations, from lockets to long drop earrings to pendants and charms.

Trends in jewellery aren’t as radical as those in accessories; and the emotion evoked by a finely wrought ring, say, is different than bag or shoe lust. Instead, it awakens a sort of instinctual magpie tendency. Sparkly objects tend to have a magnetic pull, and there is plenty on offer. Prepare to sparkle from the top of your head the tips of your toes.

Harper Kendall London

You could trawl through Pinterest, window browse in jewellery shops, snoop on celebrity choices, or you could turn to the trends by celebrities and models. 

After cushion-cuts and haloes reigned in, a handful of trends have emerged in the ring space that is set to dominate proposals.

From pastel gemstones to an out-of-the-box matching band, we investigated and consulted fashion experts to find out what trends are in order for sparklers in the new decade.

Overall we have found that the trends have remained and will likely remain relatively similar with only slight changes since Jewellery design is very much subjective and individual to the wearer but the main one being that our clients want to pay for the extra attention to the finer detail and appreciate the extra love that goes into our special Jewellery pieces. 

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