How Accurate are Electronic Diamond and Gemstone Testers?

With the growing demand of lab-grown diamonds, it is more important now than before to develop technology that can effectively distinguish natural diamonds from their synthetic counterparts. We discuss the different diamond testing machines available in the market and how they are helping in bringing about more transparency.


Technology has permeated through every aspect of the jewellery business, so it’s no surprise then that the diamond and gemstone industry to has become rather dependent; on this technology. With the sudden increase in the volumes of synthetic diamonds, specialized machines that can accurately identify a natural diamond is the need of the hour. Not only does it give a stamp of authenticity it also increases the confidence of the consumer towards brands selling diamonds or jewellery. Various diamond grading labs and testing companies have introduced a number of diamond testing machines that have interesting features and are now available for purchase by specialist Jewellery Tool companies such as Dynagem 

It's important to note that not all Diamond and Gemstone Testers are created equal since some of the lower end cheaper devices will not give accurate or precise readings so you may require a second opinion just to be on the safe side and since there are also some synthetic diamonds on the market now that give off readings of "Natural diamonds" on some of these devices, so on the most part when it comes to diamonds and gemstones its far better to be safe than sorry since using a low-end cheap device may leave you out of pocket, and since some of diamonds and gemstones can easily run into the six figures or much higher its definitely not worth taking any risks so investing in an accurate device that gives accurate readings the first time every time is of the extremely important. 

dynagem gempen

That being said the trusted devices recommended by industry experts, gemologists and diamond experts are only a few and only one of those is  portable enough and professional-grade and also affordable to most called the GemPen (shown above) which is brand new on the market which is taking the diamond and gemstone industry by storm because of robust reliability and portability but if you if prefer something larger and less mobile then there is a tabletop device called the Yehuda Sherlock Holmes (Shown below) which in effect produces the same accurate results but is also less portable and costs three times as much so its entirely up to which one you would choose to invest in but getting either one of these devices will ensure that you won't be fooled by synthetic or fake diamonds and gemstones.

Dynagem Yahuda Sherlock Holmes Diamond tester

Needless to say, all our diamonds and gemstones on our Jewellery pieces at Harper Kendall are 100% genuine and have been professionally tested and verified by our team of master jewellers and gemologists and for your peace of mind, we also provide you with our quality and assurance and a lifetime guarantee. 

To learn more about diamond and gemstone testers head over to Dynagem and take a look at two of their recommended devices the GemPen and Yehuda Sherlock Holmes for professional-grade accuracy. 

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