Harper Kendall Launches A One-of-a-Kind Unique Way of Buying Jewellery with their Bespoke Customised Jewellery Subscription Service

London, England (May 26 - 2021) – Harper Kendall, a London based fine jewellery brand is pleased to announce the launch of their new personalised Jewellery Subscription service, a unique and remarkable way of buying jewellery. The whole process is tailored to the customer’s individual needs based on their style profile, likes and preferences with a personal Jeweller assigned to them. 

Buying a piece of jewellery is a personal decision, and making a decision is not always a quick one. Sourcing online for the best jewellery deal or hitting the high street for a manufactured diamond ring or other jewellery pieces does not add to the pleasure, joy, or ease of making of making a difficult and often confusing choice. Whether a person is buying a gift, treating someone, or for someone special in your life like a loved one family member or partner Harper Kendall’s Personal Jeweller is here to ease that for you in its unique new customised service.

The brand new Jewellery Subscription Service is a customised service that allows customers to have their own personal jeweller. All a customer needs to do is create their style profile, and they will be assigned with a personal jeweller, who will send their pieces based on the customer’s selected style, preferences choices and the frequency in which they like them delivered.

Spokesperson from the company said “We are very excited with the launch of our new Jewellery Subscription Service and change the game of buying fine jewellery by offering a more bespoke service suited to our clients individual needs because every customer is different and has different style choice and taste so our service fixes the problem by assigning them one of Jewellers who will send them curated pieces from the frequency of their choosing"

Harper Kendall strives always to change, evolve, and match current Jewellery trends, efficiently catering to the specific needs of their discerning clients and customers. In addition, service and high quality are the foundation of their brand and aim to deliver above and beyond what is expected of them.
Harper Kendall take pride in their in-house design team, who create exclusive unique designs and create beautiful Jewellery pieces to suit modern users. For further information on Harper Kendall’s Jewellery Subscription Service you can visit: https://www.harperkendall.com/collections/subscribe. All plans can be upgraded, downgraded, or cancelled at anytime.
To find out more contact Harper Kendall at: info@harperkendall.com and visit their official website at: https://www.harperkendall.com
Harper Kendall

Over the years, London’s Harper Kendall has earned its reputation as the cornerstone for high-quality fine jewellery. The company has now launched a complete range of exciting new designs.

London, England (February 03, 2019) – Harper Kendall’s highly anticipated 2020 jewellery line has now dropped, with many notable clients already looking into buying the most exclusive pieces. Always catering to a diverse portfolio of clients with their fine jewellery creations, Harper Kendall clients include many influential people and several notable public personas. Working with the same principles of quality and structural integrity, the latest designs from Harper Kendall offer a new and refreshing take on modern fine jewellery.

A spokesperson for the company made an official press statement “Here at Harper Kendall, our designs signify a timeless elegance while also maintaining a sense of modernity. We use an amalgamation of techniques, ranging from traditional centuries-old techniques to utilizing modern-day equipment, to create truly magnificent pieces of jewellery that not only stand out but also offer utmost longevity. With each passing collection, we aim to reinvent the wheel and reinvigorate the fine jewellery market with designs that truly tantalize the aesthetic palette.”

The new line includes a wide array of pieces with options available at every price point, ranging from sterling silver with gold plated to Solid 9 and 18 Carat gold and diamond-encrusted jewellery pieces With extremely polished metal designs, our skilled artisans at Harper Kendall have a sharp eye for design and gemstone placements. Many ring and necklace designs offer premium high-quality metals with precious and semi-precious gemstones nestled within the opulent metals.

The company spokesperson further added “A lot of hard work and effort has been put into this new collection and we couldn’t be happier that it is now available for our customers. While the designs are new, they are still emblematic of the great style and premium quality that is the heritage of Harper Kendall. In addition to this new range, we are also offering full-spectrum customization services. Be it bespoke or a completely new design, our skilled team is able to take any of your ideas and turn out a highly superior piece of fine Jewellery that you will cherish for years and generations to come.”

More details about Harper Kendall and their new line of iconic fine jewellery designs can be seen on their official business website at https://www.harperkendall.com


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